iTunes and Star Trek

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So I bit the bullet and downloaded JJ Abrams vision of Star Trek that is now available on Apple’s iTunes. The HD version of Star Trek is not true HD but 720p. The download took quite some time. The HD size is about 4Gigs. I’ve downloaded much bigger files much faster so I am blaming the slow download speeds on Apple’s servers. Perhaps it’s the holidays?

In any event, the download of the HD and SD(for iPhone/iPod) went pretty smoothly except for the extras. That is about 1.6Gig if I can recall correctly. And for the life of me I cannot get to work. It seems to have downloaded properly and then iTunes goes into some processing mode on the file. At this time, I receive an error stating there was a problem, and that perhaps it’s a “network” problem.

My response to that is, “NO”, sorry it is not a network problem. The error#  is this: err = -19.
Especially when I was able to download the HD and SD version of the movie, that rules out the network or any firewall or web accelerator issues. (which I might add, is Apple’s default response to most customers who have an issue downloading from iTunes)

Upon doing some googling, some have suggested to delete the temporary file and redownload the file. Doing this about 5x times now, it still didn’t work. After scouring the internet some more, it seems many people are having this issue not just for Star Trek but for other music & movie files. Same problem, different error number.

I’ve also tried installing iTunes on my Windows 7 and received the exact same error.


So my rating for Star Trek the movie? 5/5 stars.

My rating for Apple iTunes movie download? 3/5. (only because I got my HD and SD downloaded and extras is not THAT important but I did pay for it right? So it’s the principality!)


*Note – I have sent Apple customer service a direct email with a pretty good description of my issue and have not heard back from them. *

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