Implementing Cisco Switched Networks (SWITCH)

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This is a review of Implementing Cisco Switched Networks (SWITCH) Foundation Learning Guide. Written by CCIE’s Richard Froom CCIE# 5102 and Erum Frahim CCIE# 7549 and Balaji Sivasubramanian.

This is an excellent book on switching fundamentals. It clearly explains VLAN’s, how and where to use them. How the old 80/20 rule is now 20/80. Security topics regarding VLAN’s, DHCP snooping, port security, PVLAN’s and much more. The authors go deep into each topic and have a great way of explaining them while highlighting the important facts.

You pick up little tidbits like ICMP redirects being turned off on HSRP enabled interfaces, or the maximum number of supported VLAN’s via ROAS (router on a stick) is 50, or that the number of SVI’s isn’t directly proportional to the number of VLAN’s supported on your switch. Who knew?

These are the kinds of info that makes this book a gem, and I think going to be an extremely popular book. I have other switching books and they all seem to just go through the motions.

I think switching and layer 2 in general are underrated. Layer 3 and routing always seems to get the limelight. But you need a properly working layer 2 for layer 3 to function. If this book isn’t on your bookshelf, get it!

If you think you know everything about VLAN’s, or PVLAN’s or VACL’s, this book might teach you something new. There’s also a kindle version that’s about $5 cheaper than the hardcover.

Although it’s written to follow the 642-813 format, this shouldn’t be passed over if you’re not studying for the certification.

  • LBSources

    Thanks for your review dude. I'm eager to dive into this book. I've heard only good things about this book.

  • ciscokid

    Good review!

    I got my book yesterday and from reading the first chapter it's looking like good value. Will hopefully assist with the learning for the CCNP SWITCH exam

  • Blake Erickson

    What is the difference between:

    CCNP SWITCH 642-813 Official Certification Guide (Exam Certification Guide)


    Implementing Cisco IP Switched Networks (SWITCH) Foundation Learning Guide: Foundation learning for SWITCH 642-813 (Self-Study Guide) ??

    Do I only need to buy one of them to study from in order to pass the SWITCH exam or should I get both?

  • Brandon Kim

    Don’t purchase the official certification guide. It is practically useless. It was written before the exam even came out! To the author’s credit, he has tried to add additional content on his website to make up for it. But the FOUNDATION series is what you want for SWITCH, ROUTE and TSHOOT.
    They are in depth and will help you pass the exam.

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