Transformers: Great American Tour

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Transformers, now one can meets the eye!

Ok so what a treat. My Friday, September 30th 2011 ended in a 90MPH drive, one hour away from my office to a client who badly needed a very old server that we just brought back to my office last week. It was a Friday, rush hour, traffic jams and the client needed to leave at 5PM on the dot. Hence the hectic drive in which I made it to the client minutes before he had to leave!

Oh, and the server was one of your old school monstrous 8U servers that barely fit in the trunk of a 4 door sedan.

But enough of that, what a treat to come back from that trip only to “think” you hear Transformers music outside as you’re stopped at a red light. As I inched closer, I saw a big dome and what looked like Bumblebee and a lot of Transformers related goodies!

Being an adult, I could not have just shown up, I needed an excuse! I needed….my nephew!(*notice the use of NEED instead of WANT)

But unfortunately he was at Pop Warner practice so I had to wait…

Once practice was over and unfortunately it got dark, we were able to run over to what Blockbuster calls, Transformers: Great American Tour!

The line was a little long, but this was the line to win prizes!

This line allowed your kids to play some kind of spinning wheel to win prizes. My nephew won a couple of Transformer toys.

But you didn’t have to wait on line if you just wanted to go into the dome.  Even if you didn’t wait on line, they gave out a free Transformer Lego and Dish network package/prizes as you approached the dome.

You are greeted by the one and only, Optimus Prime!

Once inside there were many mini-domes of Transformer toys….

And more toys…

And more toys…

And more toys…

And more……

Standing on Prime’s hands….

Sector 7!!!!

Woot woot! It’s Bumblebee and not just a replica, but the actual Chevy Camaro that was used in the Transformers movies!

Next door, of course you can go into Blockbuster and purchase your copy of the newly released Transformers 3: Dark of the Moon, I had intentions all along to purchase this movie anyways so Friday night’s newly found tour (which I had no idea even existed) was a major treat!

But there’s more!

Once inside Blockbuster, they had a large green screen in which you can stand in front of a variety of different backdrops! I mean, these guys kinda went all out on this! Pretty cool! Once your picture was taken, they give you a card in which you will then have to go online to retrieve your picture after 48 hours.

If you went ahead and purchased the movie, it was also $3 off as well, so I took advantage of that.

All in all, it was a cool little event that they hosted. Keep in mind, everything was FREE! And lots of giveaways and prizes, not bad when everyone is trying to make you pay an arm and a leg to attend any kind of event these days!

Hope the Transformers Great American Tour comes to your town!

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