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Today I push my HP HDX18 to keep on going! Who knew that I would still be using this beast after purchasing it way back in November 2008! For reference here’s what went on during 2008.

  • The movie(s) WALL-E, Iron Man, Slumdog Millionaire premiered, and unfortunately so did Indiana Jones 4.
  • Michael Phelps won gold in all eight of his events at the Olympics in Beijing.
  • George Bush was still the U.S. President.
  • Bill Gates steps down as Chairman of Microsoft.

Over the years since 2008, I’ve performed minor upgrades to the HP HDX18 to keep it going such as upgrading the hard drive to SSD, memory to 8GB, new battery and occasionally blowing out the dust in the vents with an air can.

So today I’ve decided to replace the fan which was still working, but making a lot of “squeaky” sounds and felt it was really struggling. To avoid CPU overheating which would ultimately take my beast down for the count, I went ahead and purchased the replacement part from eBay “HP HDX18 Series CPU Cooling Fan & Heatsink”. Part# 512184-001

I won’t detail the exact steps as there’s too many Youtube/Googling that can be done for step by step. Below I’ve highlight the disassembly, but to be frank, I probably would not attempt to do this again, let’s just say there are some screws leftover!

First we lay the laptop, bottoms up!


Next we start to take off all the screws and plastic coverings.


Once all the screws have been removed and hard drives, as you can see, I have two, you have to really look everywhere, you can start to peel off the plastic sides.


At this point, you will need to also pry off the keyboard, be careful of all the plastic clippings.


Once the keyboard is off, the monitor is next, just a few screws to remove on the outer edge near the hinges.


At this point, keep going and remove all the top plastic coverings.


The motherboard will need to be removed so that you can access the fan module underneath.
Be careful with all the small/thin ribbons that are attached.


You can see above the new fan on the left and the old fan on the right.
Simply remove the old fan and get ready to upgrade your new fan!


Now install the new fan and prepare to put everything back together.


I don’t need to provide all the steps to piece everything back together as you just need to work backwards, my suggestion is to finish this within the same day
while you still remember all the parts, screws and ribbons go back to.

All in all, this took approximately 5 hours. Once everything was put back together, the laptop powered on perfectly, the fan is whisper
quiet, at first I thought it wasn’t even running as I had to shine a flashlight at it to make sure!!!

If you plan on doing the same procedure, I’d recommend to check out some Youtube channels on this and expect to spend half the day!

Good luck!







  • J3rry

    Do you have nvidia130m and ddr3 motherboard ?
    Im planing to upgrade my with that, allreday got x9100 and 8gb ddr3 rdy for it but I want to know can this baby handle 16GB of memory…

  • brandontek

    Hey Jerry:
    I believe 8GB is all it can handle. Let me know if you tried 16GB and how things went….

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