SonicWALL rack kit accessory

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SonicWALL has a rack kit for those who’ve purchased TZ and NSA series models that don’t conform to the 19″ rack standard. I was shocked to see how much effort was put into this rack kit.

Typically the rack mounts would be nothing more than to extend smaller devices to 19″, but here, you can see SonicWALL went ahead and added ports that would then be patched into the firewall ports to provide ease of access.


This is a top view of what the rack kit looks like. All the cables come already patched in.


This is what it looks like with the firewall inserted. It gets inserted from the top down, hooks into a screw below (which you can’t see) and then slides to the left to be tightened by another screw on the left.


And this is what it looks like with the power adapter inserted. Everything fits in very neatly!

Make sure that you order the proper rack kit for your model series. There are different SKU’s depending on if you are ordering for TZ 210/215, NSA 220/240/250M etc…..

Hope you enjoyed this little short blog!


  • John Lockie

    This is legit!

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