APMEX 12 Days of Christmas Contest

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People actually do win prizes.

APMEX, a leading online precious metal dealer was holding a “12 Days of Christmas” contest last week where all you had to do was RT(retweet) their tweets throughout the day. One winner a day for 12 days. I decided what the heck, I’ll RT their tweets and give it a shot.

Well lucky me, I happen to have been picked the winner on their 10th day of holding the contest. Just by simply RTing their tweets!

The prize? An APMEX 1 ounce silver bullion! Below is proof that I indeed won and have received the coin(today). Very beautiful and sparkly. (I apologize for the quality of the image, my iPhone doesn’t take the best pictures)

APMEX 12 Days of Christmas Contest

APMEX 12 Days of Christmas Contest

For more information about APMEX and their services, please visit their site.


They have fantastic customer service.
And if you’re lucky, they will even send you their annual Christmas popcorn….

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