Windows98 SE Revisited

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With all the talks of Apple’s IOS 7 and the soon to be Microsoft’s Windows 8.1, I’d like to revisit one of the most memorable operating systems from years past. I’ve always like Windows 98, particularly Second Edition! So without further ado, I will be installing Windows 98 SE under VMware Fusion.

Under VMware Fusion, once you create the Windows 98 VM, you must use either an ISO or CD to begin the installation.

Below Windows 98 gets the hard drive ready for formatting.


Once you pass a couple of installation steps, you are presented with the GUI setup. You can see VMware Fusion running in the background.


Selecting a directory, setup options and location.


Windows continues to go through its checklist and finally below, the Windows 98 logo is presented along with user information.


Once you provide Windows with some further information, it reboots and you’re now looking at your new Windows 98 installation!
Right away we try to get ourselves connected online, you can also see that we are running Internet Explorer 5.5 with 40-bit encryption!


Remember how to access the CMD prompt? The command is: command, not cmd!



The default desktop.




Hopefully the screenshots brought back some nostalgia!
There’s really  not much you can do with Windows 98 nowadays, and that includes browsing the Internet.

In my next blog, I will show you what today’s websites look on Windows 98.

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